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Build vs Buy?

Do you want to spend the time and money building your own contact verification system?

Number of Records Verified This Year

Why CRM Refresh?

We work with companies of all sizes. Generally there are four primary reasons companies partner with CRM Refresh to automate their contact data verification.
  • They’re growing and don’t want their teams wasting time researching and updating contact data 
  • They have key accounts with high-value renewals that they can’t jeopardize a renewal by missing a new user/buyer of their service 
  • They have churn in their sales development teams and data on contacts is incomplete, inaccurate or missing. 
  • They are using marketing automation to nurture leads and have seen their campaign performance drop because of high bounce rates. 

Why automation verification? 

These teams turn to CRM Refresh to automate their data so that they can reliably count on the data to power their growth. Without automation they would lose the constant vigil and drop in performance. 
We have found that on average, it takes 12-15 minutes for a rep to research and fix an inaccurate contact! 

Shouldn’t our sales team be doing this? 

That really depends on what you want them to be focused on. The average sales rep reports only 24% of their weekly time is spent selling. Asking them to research and update contact data will cut into that small sliver of time robbing your pipeline development. 

Use our ROI Calculator to see the impact this could have for your sales pipeline.

Let’s build our own data team 

Truth is some companies may be best suited with an in-house data cleansing team. Our technology is battle tested and reliable at scale. But some solutions need more customization then we can provide. If your data is very proprietary and requires expensive research tools to discover the new information then that solution is probably the better way to go. 

When to Hire CRM Refresh

If building isn’t an exciting prospect, here are some benefits to hiring CRM Refresh:
You require a higher level of crm accuracy for your sales, marketing and customer success teams and dont have the time or budget to build an in house team.  
Reliable contact verification via one of the largest databases with vital analytics to provide greater breadth of verification. 
Minimal internal cost with a fully automated and visible process.
Real-time reporting.
Experts doing the work for you, applying best practices gained from working with many companies at large scale.
Access to technology that is always improving, instead of paying to revamp an underperforming system 12 months from now.
A team dedicated to solving all the edge cases that crop up, with built in fallbacks for data decay and other leaks.
Save the cost of manual work with a tool that helps make better use of your time. Escalate only the highest value customers, and intervene manually at your discretion.
With quick and easy setup you can get started in 30 minutes, not 30 days!

Don't let more contacts slip through the cracks.

Get started with CRM Refresh today!

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