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CRM Refresh will work with most versions of Salesforce.

If you have the following Salesforce Versions [link to Salesforce versions]:

  • Professional,
  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited
  • or Non-Profit

CRM Refresh will work with your Salesforce edition.

Admin access to the Salesforce organization is required to set up teams and to see all your organization’s leads and contacts.

CRM Refresh supports Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Person Accounts, and Custom Objects.

API Limits – may cause contact restrictions 

If your account has API restrictions than CRM Refresh may be limited to how many records (leads and contacts) it can access and validate for you.

How do I determine what version of Salesforce I am on? 

Follow this link to learn how to determine what Salesforce version your company or team is using.

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