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Shine a light on your CRM freshness.

And take control of involuntary data decay with a better understanding of your business.

The CRM Refresh dashboard allows you to track performance in real-time.

Track performance in real-time via the CRM Refresh dashboard.

At a high level, you’ll see how many payments are past-due, and what they are worth. Drill down deeper and view each past-due customer, and recent campaign activity in detail. Remove them from campaigns, or grab a card update link, with the click of a button.

Not all contact details are created equal.

Recent contact verifications are broken down by elements, so you can see which information is inaccurate, title, company, phone, or email? High detail reporting is available to show your total crm contacts quality (freshness) and track your progress over time. Raw data exports are available by request, so CRM Refresh metrics are easily verified anytime.

GEt a snapshot of contact changes in your inbox.

When growth is booming you can’t be glued to a dashboard all day.

CRM Refresh sends a monthly digest with a CRM accuracy performance overview, linking back to your dashboard. Updates and announcements are included, so you won’t miss out on the newest features.
Taking data decay recover into your workflow means getting CRM Refresh and into the tools your company uses every day. Via our integrations and exporting features you can put the right information in front of your team. 
Whether you are tracking bounced emails in real time, segmenting written-off customers, or escalating large payments to your support team’s CRM, CRM Refresh has you covered. With high visibility, you can effectively put an end to involuntary data decay.

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