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What can having better data and an automatic recurring tool like CRM Refresh, scanning your data do for your sales and marketing campaigns?

Here is a quick slide from a recent engagement for a client using CRM Refresh with a Marketo, Salesforce, Salesloft stack.

Prior to working with us they had roughly 4 years of “compiled” data in their Salesforce CRM that was from inbound campaigns and an inside sales team. To say the data was stale was an understatement.

Beginning with a deep clean of their initial 50,000 records, we found 63.5% were “accurate.”For this client accurate was a match on name, title, company.

Over the course of the following five months they improved their CRM accuracy to 92%.

What besides more accurate data did they experience?

While we do not disclose specific campaign or CRM changes of our clients. We can share the changes they saw from using CRM Refresh in their first 6 months.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  1. More Opens from Marketing Campaigns + 12%
  2. More Replies (and Opens) in Salesloft +20%
  3. Higher Deliverability Rate 82 to 92%
  4. Increased Good Email Sender Score (rose for 7.2 to 8.9)
  5. More direct connections/conversations with target prospects
  6. 25% increase in sales pipeline

If this is something you would like to explore, contact us for a free scan of your CRM.







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