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Set-Up Takes Less than 5 minutes.
100% Money Back Guarantee

What you get today:

  • Always on CRM refreshing
  • 1:1 Credits for Every “A+” Contact You Have
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Full CRM Integration (Salesforce, Hubspot)
  • Free Guide on Keeping CRM Clean ($99 value)
  • Templates for Email Engagement ($199 value)
  • Complimentary 30 Minute Set Up Consultation
  • Choose how many contacts in your CRM you want to keep clean each month.
  • Price: $0.03
  • American Express

Your Information Is Encrypted & Safe

Pricing FAQ

What’s the setup process like?

We’ve made the setup workflow very simple: connecting to CRM Refresh with your CRM credentials (Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.) and CRM Refresh will scan your contacts and report on a sample size. Then you can choose to do your whole CRM database. It takes only a couple of minutes to start using CRM Refresh. NO IT or Admin support required.

What kind of support does CRM Refresh provide?

We will work with you closely on any specific marketing questions or technical challenges and ensure your problems are solved to the best of our abilities in the quickest possible time. We provide 24 hour support via email. We do our best to respond within 3 hours, and even faster if you are in the Enterprise plan. We aim to provide you with the best support experience you’ve ever had.

What happens when I start a free account/trial?

You get a full-featured account that will verify 1,000 contacts emails per month, which gives you access to everything CRM Refresh has to offer: automatic verification, automations, SMS and email alerts, and live-chat. If you love it and would like to continue using CRM Refresh, you can choose to upgrade that anytime.


What if I exceed my plan’s limits?

Your plan is based on the number of your contacts. We will send you an email when you cross the contacts limit of your current plan during the billing period. You will only be charged for the appropriate number of contacts, and we will automatically upgrade or downgrade you to the most cost-effective plan.

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