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Always On Monitoring

At CRM Refresh, we put the highest priority on keeping your CRM contact data fresh and accurate.

Use CRM Refresh, to ensure you have the freshest contact data in your crm. We are always monitoring for changes to your contacts.


CRM Refresh – will verify your contacts every day, week and month.

Every contact in you CRM is checked by our 120 point verification process.

When CRM Refresh sends a pro-active change notification email, you can be confident the information is correct.

We proactively monitor for changes to your contacts and then alert you to those changes. We have one of the largest email verification databases out there, due to our partnership with over 1,200 email service providers. 
Maintain fresher, more accurate data to ensure that yours leads and accounts are right. 

Gain Leads and Sales Pipeline.

By contacting successors when changes occur some users have added 25% more pipeline simply by being the first to notice and react to the changes

Feeling in the dark with CRM decay?
Learn about CRM Refresh reporting here.

Use Marketing Automation?

To see how many duplicates are in your CRM simply check with CRM Refresh and remove from your marketing automation platform – saving you money.  (free!)

The average user saves 5-10% in the first month by eliminating duplicate records and “dead/inactive” contacts.


Don't let more contacts slip through the cracks.

Get started with CRM Refresh today!

Talking to us is risk-free.