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How CRM Refresh works?

CRM Refresh – automatically verifies and fixes your stale contact data so your CRM is accurate and you stay connected to key accounts.

Monitor your contacts and refresh the stale ones with CRM Refresh  

Instead of having your CRM packed with bad, old, inaccurate contacts refresh your CRM by verifying and fixing your important contacts. CRM Refresh brings everything together that you need to maintain high quality B2B CRM database.

CRM Refresh Organized, centralized and clear so everyone knows which contacts are valid and which are not. Saving you time and money.




Getting up and running in under 5 minutes! With Simple Connect.

No time consuming API keys, Third party connectors, or files to get your contacts checked. Connect to CRM Refresh with your CRM account and CRM Refresh will begin verifying and validating your contacts starting with the oldest and working to the newest ones. 
No IT or Admin necessary to get started. Simply connect using your normal CRM log in and CRM Refresh will start checking and reporting on your contacts. (If you have Admin rights you can see all your company’s contacts, and invite co-workers to join.)

Get a 10,000 Foot View of Your CRM’s Freshness 

Your CRM dashboard gives you the 10,000 ft view of your entire CRM freshness level and what is happening across it. You’ll feel in control when you can see everything organized in a single screen like this. 

Instead of Guessing which contacts are still good? 

…you will have a full view of all leads, contacts or both right from within CRM Refresh. Each contact is verified and graded making it far simpler to take action. Our Artificial Intelligence and Data mining engine uses data from over 1,200 email service providers to ensure you can reach your contacts. 

Instead of having to spend time and money finding new data

… you will have CRM Refresh Fix Engine – to find, fix and verify the new contact details or find the new person at your target accounts. Using 47 public and private B2B databases and a custom data finding team, CRM Refresh will find the new people and/or data and verify using our QC engine – developed with MIT and New York University.


Instead of missing changes to your key accounts, 

…you’ll get email and SMS updates daily, weekly or monthly on your contacts and you can take immediate action or follow up. Build relationships with the replacement contact sooner, and look more professional by monitoring these triggers to engage your most important contacts. 

Instead of having duplicates in your CRM causing confusion

…you’ll know right from the front dashboard which contacts have been duplicated and then you can repair, merge or delete the redundant duplicate. 

Instead of manually multiple files of your database

… you’ll use CRM Refresh to consistently verify – name, title, company, email, phone and linkedin profile RIGHT IN YOUR CRM! CRM Refresh lets you see every contact and their score. No more merging different versions of the same contact files, no more duplicate entries, no more worries that you’re  missing key data. 

Instead of being charged $$$ for too many (bad) contacts in your automation system

you’ll remove the bad contacts from your crm and marketing automation platform (if sync’ed) and lower the total audience your provider is charging you for. 

Don't let more contacts slip through the cracks.

Get started with CRM Refresh today!

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