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Why you should care? 

To improve your prospecting campaigns create content for each phase of buyer awareness. 
Only a small portion of your total addressable market/campaign is ready to buy your solution. The remaining population could be influenced, or have no intention to ever buy from you. 
If only a small portion of your audience is ready to buy, then what content will assist in moving your suspects into prospects and help create more leads and a larger funnel. The following framework will show you how and what to create and give some examples of using this content in your campaigns. 

Science Behind the problem or topic 

First lets get some of the math out of the way for how large a tranche of your audience is at each phase. A simple back of the napkin calculation is to use the break-down Chet Holmes shares in his book The Invisible Sales Machine (Free Excerpt of Chapter 4) . In the book Chet shares how he has come up with this ratio from thousands of responses in his seminars. 

So Chet’s ratios are: 

  • 3% are buying now 
  • 6-7% are open to buying 
  • 30% not thinking about (the pain you solve) 
  • 30% do not think it applies or that they’re interested 
  • 30% know they will not buy
So if you’re targeting 1,000 Founders of SaaS companies this is roughly how you can think of your audience. Now if you haven’t sent anything or segmented them before what is the best way to create content to engage this group? 
Buying Now
Open to buying it, educate
Not Thinking about it
Don’t think they’re interested
Know they’re Not interested

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How to Create Content for Each Phase of the Buyer’s Awareness?

Pro Tip From Chet Holmes:
The goal here is to move any outliers into a place of choosing your solution sooner and to be sure that whenever the time comes, they think of your company first. To do this your message has to be powerful and it has to be education-based to resonate.”
By using the Buyer awareness levels laid out in Eugene Schwartz’s classic book: Breakthrough Advertising you can craft the right content for the buyer awareness based on time and topic
Marylou Tyler in Predictable Prospecting recommends coming up with content that meets not only awareness level but also time commitment. 
So for someone with little to no awareness the shortest content (under 5 minutes time) is appropriate and as a lead moves further into your sales funnel more engaging time consuming content is used/promoted. 
Get the bonus content: Free Guide: How to Create Content to Attract Buyers
Buyer’s Psychological Awareness Stage
  • Unaware blog post, video, infographic under 5 minutes
  • Problem Aware report, ebook, diagnostic tool, webinar over 5 minutes 
  • Solution Aware case study, assessments, etc. can be over 20 minutes
  • Product Aware trial accounts, ROI calculators, assessments, etc. 
  • Consideration comparison charts, case studies, pilot programs
So for example if your prospecting campaign had an audience of 1,000 email subscribers. You can see that only a small portion 30 are in the buy right now mindset. 
If your campaigns start off with Can I show you why our churn software is the best in the SaaS subscription business then 90% of your audience is already deleting or tuning out. 
So what would keep them engaged more: Top 5 Reasons SaaS Companies Loss Money on Subscriptions,”
Use Our Value Grid to craft content that strengthens the connection with your audience. People are attracted to the results not the how. Think about weight loss products, hair replacement, etc. so the after not the before. Use content that explains the end results. 
[Value Grid- A Framework for How to Connect with Your Audience] 
Here is how a SaaS company selling subscription software would build their campaign targeting Founders. 
  1. Starting a campaign using no awareness content
    1. Blog Post 
    2. Infographic 
    3. Short Video 
  2. Email: Saw you’re using Stripe for subscriptions, thought you might like this: Top 5 Reasons SaaS Companies Lose Money on Subscriptions.”
  3. Click through to content on your site
    1. Set Up retargeting to promote other content in your funnel/library to your engaged audience 
  4. Follow up on replies with content for further down funnel 
    1. Already own comparison 
    2. Considering Things to Consider in Churn Handling”, Why Dunning Emails end up hurting not helping renewals.”  
    3. Check back with me in 3 months How to tell you have XXX problem”
      1. Gain How to save XXX every year 
      2. Fear Is your business losing 8% of its revenue per year 
      3. Logic- The average Cost to Maintain Subscription is higher than you think… 

Why do this? 

  1. Educating buyers is going to get more buyer interest than self promotion content 
  2.  If your content is good and useful, it automatically repositions your firm in the mind of the buyer
  3. You leap frog your competitors who are offering either deals or comparisons 
  4. By weaving in all phases of buyer awareness you extend your campaigns and empowering your SDR/BDR teams with content for each response 
  5. Higher awareness, larger funnel = more opportunities 

Right Content at Right Time will Boost Your Results  

Maximize the response and contribution of your campaign’s leads and pipeline by implementing a content strategy that matches and moves your audiences through your sale funnel. Since your SDR (Sales Development Reps) /BDR’s (Business Development Rep’s) will be fielding responses from all phases, having this content on hand for them to use in your campaigns will empower them to reply in a meaningful way. 
Many campaigns are not getting the best responses simply because they focus on too small a portion of the audience. By using a content matrix that considers the buyer’s awareness you can optimize the response rate and fill more of your funnel.
If the only content you design or use is for the 3% ready to buy, then you’re probably missing a large part of your market.
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