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Time Consuming, Manual Data Cleaning Makes Us Cringe.

Automated, feature rich hands-free data scrubbing is what we promise to deliver.

Getting started is easy and the possibilities are endless.

Connect your CRM to CRM Refresh choose if you want to verify your leads or contacts (Salesforce users) and immediately see a scan with your results. Run a deep scan of your contacts and see a score for every person. 
Choose what actions to take next:
  • Ignore  enables you to to ignore a contact for whatever reason, also tells CRM Refresh not to continue verifying that person. 
  • Update  maybe you have information that you forgot to update  this will take you directly to the record in your CRM. 
  • Fix  have CRM Refresh hands-free find, fix and verify your contacts (new) accurate data.  
Options Include: 
  • Verify only leads 
  • Verify only contacts 
  • Verify both leads & contacts 
  • Ignore leads or contacts 
  • Track accounts for instant alerts 
  • Update directly into crm 
  • Handsfree fixing of data 
  • How frequently you want your data checked: daily, weekly, monthly 
    • Get instant alerts (SMS and Email)  

All the heavy lifting has been done for you! 

Out of the box, CRM Refresh will quickly verify every contact in your crm, saving you time and hassle of downloading and handling exports and imports and overwriting data. Developed over many years, the CRM Refresh thorough verification leaves no stone unturned in analyzing your CRM data.


  • Did email bounce? 
  • Why  domain change 
  • Company shut down or merge? 
  • Did name change 
  • Did title change?
  • Did company change?
  • Did domain change?
  • Who is new/replacement person?

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