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Automatically Keep Your CRM Fresh

Find and Fix Stale Contacts with One Solution.

A Monthly, Done-For-You CRM Contact Verification and Repair Service for B2B Technology Sellers.

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Why keeping your CRM accurate falls short.

You buy a lot of [expensive] data from vendors and store it in your CRM to power your marketing and sales campaigns. Some of that data is already out of date before you can use it. Plus you have other sources of data that compound how much “dirty” data is decaying in your CRM when contacts change jobs and companies. 


This renders some portion of your CRM useless. Your sales team begin to doubt the integrity of the data. They get frustrated from wasting their time contacting the wrong people and getting the “no longer” here messages. [54% of bad data is ONLY ever found by sales people.]


You don’t have time to clean up CRM changes when there are only 20 selling days a month!

A Better Solution for Sales and Marketing Operations

Automatic verification and contact fixes: Get your contacts more accurate find the bad ones faster and keep your CRM performing. 
CRM Refresh – is a weekly verification that your contacts are still valid by polling our 1,200 email service providers and telecom partners. Your contact’s email, phone are verified, along with their title and current employer. When contacts are no longer valid we alert you (email & sms) to those changes and can even fix them. 


In some cases one job change will lead you 3 new opportunities since the person you were tracking is now at a new company, their replacement and the person they replaced are all potential new opportunities. You gain a first in advantage since 74% of first responders win sales deals (second is 16% win). 

Use D.A.V.E. for ongoing CRM contact verfication

Our Data Accuracy and Verification Engine – or D.A.V.E. for short will verify your contacts in real time with 1,200 [ESP] Email Service Providers and Telecoms. Real time, fresh accurate verified contacts every month.

Proactive Fixes for Incorrect Contacts

When incorrect/bad contact details at VIP accounts is detected, we will find, fix and verify the new contact’s information. This way your teams are NOT bogged down in research and updates.

Simple Pricing

Packages to fit your CRM needs.

Some of our Satisfied Customers

“Really impressed with how Steven and the CRM Refresh team have been able to refresh our CRM data. It was a mess before starting with him. People weren’t trusting the data and we always cringed when we sent a campaign. Now we have 85% accuracy and are open rate is up, more responses and we trust what’s in front of us.”

Janet Renolds

“This has been a real pleasant surprise for us. Our sales team are spending less time on bad contacts. Plus 2 reps sourced 3 deals by following alumni customers to their new companies.”

Jerry Lee

Director of Sales Ops ,

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not see your question below, please use our chat to ask one of our team members.

Where does your data come from?

We have real time access to 1,200 email service providers and telecom companies to match their active records. So we verify your contacts email and phone plus, whether that email has been opening emails, unsubscribing and more activities. 
When we fix your data we check 42 data sources like: Linkedin, SEC, NAICS, Discover Org, Data Fox, Zoominfo, Pipl, Datanyze,, Insideview, Demandbase, Dun & Bradstreet, Radius, and have a dedicated research team to go as deep as necessary. 
When we fix contacts we verify every contact before delivering to you.

Do you work with other CRM’s beside Salesforce and Hubspot?

Yes, we can work with other CRM’s. In most cases there are three ways we can connect to your crm. The three ways in order of preference: connect via Zapier. Second, connect with credentials, third monthly uploads of csv files. If you would like more information about this process please schedule a demo.

Can I track contacts at companies?

Yes, when those contacts change jobs or companies you or the contact owner (for teams) will be immediately notified with their position, company and if available contact information.

Couldn’t I hire a VA (virtual assistant) to do this?

You could. You would have to: create a system to test every contact every month, identify contacts that need to be fixed, verify their fixes and provide additional support and access to 42 databases. In practice it will be very expensive almost cost prohibitive to build your own and have the consistency and accuracy our service provides. 

Do you overwrite my data?

No. We do not over write your existing data in your crm. When you first sign up, you can elect to have your old (bad) contacts archived or removed. For any new contacts delivered – you can choose to have the files delivered to you (or an assistant) and uploaded or have us upload your new contacts into your CRM.

Shouldn’t my sales reps already be doing this?

In a perfect world, yes. In reality you don’t want them spending on average 12~15 minutes on every bad/incorrect record in your CRM. The average sales rep saves 2.5+ hours a month by reducing their list time contacting the wrong person and researching their replacement. 

I already buy data from [data seller] – don’t they do this? 

Most data vendors overwrite or fill in gaps in your data. For example will overwrite the data that is missing or doesn’t match their records. If they do not have the new contact(s) yet, then they do not provide it. Since we verify so frequently we catch many changes before your data vendor database has been updated.

Whose this service designed for?

B2B technology marketers who need fresh data to power their sales and marketing campaigns. [B2B Tech has one of the highest turnover rates,  shortest tenure (<14 months) in the USA.]

How often do you check my crm?

We will verify your crm every month starting with your oldest contacts and verifying the newest ones. Our verification engine will run without interrupting your daily activities.

How do I get started?

Start by scheduling a free consultation call with Steven Wagner.  Book your call using this calendar here.
Hi, this is Steven Wagner, Founder of CRM Refresh – I started this service after helping numerous technology companies with their sales outreach. Every company I have worked with struggles to address and fix their data decay problems. Some companies had 50% of their CRM filled with incorrect or out of date data.


My last company (Dealer Ignition) ran into this same problem. Many of the contacts we bought were incorrect. Wasting our sales team’s time and lowering morale. We built an expensive, custom research team to verify our crm data. I wanted to find a better way. One that was automatic, systematized and used as large a data set as possible. 


CRM Refresh mission is to solve this fundamental problem – data decays, find and fixing it should be fast and effective.