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Are there gaps in your Salesforce data?

Use our Free Data Report to calculate how much bad data is costing you in: lost sales rep productivity, sales pipeline and what potential gains you can make by having fresher, more accurate data. Our D.A.V.E. Ai will analyze your salesforce contacts and send you a report.

How to generate your Data Quality Report

1) Upload the data you want to analyze

Generate a CSV file with some Contact and/or Lead records from Salesforce. Ensure it includes email address, job title (if available) and company (if available), then upload it here.


2) We automatically analyze the data

The uploaded contacts are analyzed for missing job titles, incorrect emails and other missing attributes. CRM Refresh does this by comparing the data against our daily updated database of 395 million contact records.


3) You receive your free report

Your report will include an analysis of incorrect data, missing data, records that have changed company and some useful insights.


How to generate your Data Quality Report

The company

Founded in Greenville, SC in 2015, CRM Refresh is on a mission to build the data backbone for modern businesses. Our advanced Data Accuracy and Validation Engine – compiles data on your CRM contact from over 1,200 email service providers and Telecoms to ensure its fresh and accurate.

The data

CRM Refresh isn’t just another data vendor, we take an entirely different approach when it comes to data quality and coverage. Rather than maintain a static database that quickly becomes stale, we perform real-time lookups to ensure our data is never older than 30 days. We utilize 250 public and private data sources, sorting through millions of data points daily while machine learning and manual QA keep every record as accurate as possible.