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Smart CRM Monitoring & Rereshing with hands-free fixing.

Dashboard & Metrics

Stay on top of your CRM freshness and individual leads and contacts. Your Dashboard shows a quick view of your total CRM freshness. See what the total amount of A, B, D, F contacts you have. 

See the breakdown of leads and contacts in your CRM. 
  • Oldest contact by time. 
  • Average Score for your CRM’s freshness level. 
  • Duplicates in your CRM. 
Breakdown of top level quality of each lead/contact 
A+ someone you have interacted recently with 
A All contact data is fresh and accurate 
B Contact data is good, but some data is unavailable to validate 
D Contact data is inaccurate and/or missing needs to be researched and fixed
F Contact is wrong, needs to be fixed or replaced

Proactive Always On Monitoring

Verifying and scrubbing your CRM can be time consuming and wrought with errors. CRM Refresh checks your contacts every day, week and month starting with the old (most prone to errors) and works to yoru newest.  
Whether you have a new or older legacy CRM chances are 30-40% of your data is or will go bad in the next twelve months. Most companies have no plan or process for handling this well-known attrition.
53% of companies rely on their sales people to find and fix contact errors. Boost your rep’s productivity simply by using CRM Refresh to monitor contacts for them.

A.i Engine – Verifying and Predicting Contact Details

Our A.i Engine verifies and predicts the possibility of connecting with your CRM contacts. By tapping into our database of 1,200 email service providers, we monitor your contacts for more than just if the email bounced.
Our Engine checks each contact’s likelihood to connect by checking:
  • What emails they’ve clicked
  • What emails they’ve opened
  • History of unsubscribing and complaint history
  • Is the person still alive
  • Plus many other attributes


See Trends and Performance Predictions Faster

With a large enough scale, patterns to emerge that you can’t simply see otherwise. If your email campaign’s are underperforming or your reps are spending more time (or less time) of the phone without the appointments to show for it, it could be due to the contact data quality. 
With CRM Refresh your dashboard can show freshness and quality breakdowns for all your teams or a rep. Giving you better picture of what is happening to leads and accounts. 

Email & Phone Alerts

Are you in a competitive market? Who isn’t nowadays. Don’t miss an opportunity, a new account, a renewal or other key initiative simply because you didn’t monitor your contacts and react to changes.

Email Alerts 
Stay on top of your CRM by getting a summary email showing you any changes that CRM Refresh has detected. You can choose daily, weekly or monthly emails. 
SMS Alerts (optional) 
Want to see your CRM changes as quickly as they happen? Get SMS messages when CRM Refresh finishes verifying or fixing your contact data. 

Continuous Optimization

We leverage millions of data points to bring you the best practices, and an even better process tomorrow. With CRM Refresh you’re hiring a team to work full-time making sure your contact data improves, instead of falling behind the times.
Marginal gains seem minor to start, but as they stack up and your revenue compounds… you’ll be smiling with each passing month.
Our team is focused 100% on ending involuntary CRM data accuracy. We’re committed to helping our partners succeed, and as a profitable, bootstrapped company we’re in this for the long haul. Meet our team

Don't let more contacts slip through the cracks.

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