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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most common questions about CRM Refresh. If your question is not here, please click below to contact our support team.

General Questions

What data does CRM Refresh use?

CRM Refresh’s data verification combines over 1,300 email service providers and telecom sources and sorting through millions of data points.

The CRM Refresh D.A.V.E.  provides contact intelligence from a variety of sources: social presence, company websites, crowdsourcing, and many more. We source all of our own data.

Each contact’s record is verified in real-time:

  1.  Historical performance
  2. Historical complaints
  3. Historical opt-outs
  4. Deceased individuals
  5. Engagement
  6. Historical Clicks
  7. Historical Opens
Each verification is assigned a score from 1-4 1 being worst, 4 being the best.
How does CRM Refresh score my data?
Our D.A.V.E. system scores your contact data points on a score based on the accuracy of the data.

A – Exact Match – all data points (name, title, company, email, phone) match exactly.

B – Phrase Match – most data points match (name, company, email, phone) but one or more data point is not exact (title for example)

D – Can not verify this data – the data may or may not be right, but our systems cannot find or confirm the accuracy.

F – Invalid – One or More Major data point (name, title, company, email, phone) isinvalid

Does CRM Refresh work with Salesforce?

Yes! CRM Refresh was built as a native app in Salesforce’s own data centers and has been approved by Salesforce. It undergoes a periodic comprehensive security review with Salesforce Engineering to ensure your data is secure.

Can I invite my company or team to use it?
Yes! You can create as many teams as you need and CRM Refresh will enable them to see their leads and contacts that they have access in Salesforce. Some common teams to create: inside sales, marketing, customer success team, etc.
How do I connect my CRM to CRM Refresh?
To start using CRM Refresh – connect your CRM by using your native credentials (Salesforce or Hubspot) and then CRM Refresh D.A.V.E will begin verifying your oldest contacts and work to your newest ones.

We use O-Authorization which encrypts all of your data.

What other CRM's does CRM Refresh work with?
Currently CRM Refresh works with Salesforce and Hubspot’s CRM’s. You can import your CRM data to have it use our D.A.V.E engine – but it will not update or sync fixes to CRM’s that are not one of our current integration partners.
What contact data can I verify with CRM Refresh?
CRM Refresh – is designed to monitor, verify and fix your contact data in your CRM for your sales, marketing and customer success operations. The data points that changes most frequently and impacts pipeline and revenue the most.
The D.A.V.E. system will check:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Company
  • Email
  • Phone (direct and mobile)

If any of these data points change you are notified in email, sms and in the dashboard.

Can CRM Refresh fix my bad contact data?
Yes, you can set up CRM Refresh to fix the data in your CRM. It will go out in real time and try to fix the current information for your contact or find you new contacts in your target accounts.

About CRM Refresh

Data Validation and Accuracy Engine

The D.A.V.E – Data Accuracy and Verification Engine – A.I. continuously scans your contact data to ensure that it is accurate and valid.


CRM Refresh verifies contact data in your crm 

Fixing Data

You can fix the data that is incorrect or out of date. You can use your own data providers or have our CRM Refresh fix it for you. 

You can set a limit to the data that you want automatically fix it. 


You can maintain higher contact data in your CRM by having CRM Refresh run a daily, weekly or monthly verification on all or some of your contacts. 


You can use CRM Refresh with two plans: 

  • Subscriptions 
  • Credits – one time never expiring credits. 

Based on the level of your plan or credits – will process that amount of contacts (or leads in Salesforce).