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CRM Refresh Data Hygiene Academy

A Resource for Data Driven Modern Sales and Marketing Teams.

As Sales and Marketing professionals we’ll want to do our best to keep up with the latest trends and best practices to leverage data into usable sales intelligence. We want to create a resource that helps categorize and curates these articles, podcasts, interviews and  videos. If you have ideas for Data Hygiene Academy please suggest them.

Why Data Quality is important

How does contact data quality impact sales, marketing and customer success teams.

How data quality impacts demand generation

Are your campaigns suffering from lower engagement rates? Better (verified) contact data can double or triple your sales and marketing campaigns.

Harvard Business Review: How Your Data Strategy is Your Growth Strategy

Harvard Business Review Report: How your data strategy influences your ability to grow your company.

Data Vendors Dirty Secret

We sat down with Garth Mouton, founder of (formerly called Jigsaw) to understand the industry and learning a very telling secret about the data business.

How to always ensure clean(er) data for campaigns (IBM tax)

Learn how IBM builds data hygiene costs into every one of their sales and marketing campaigns.

Calculating Data Decay

Learn how to forecast your own data decay in your campaigns with this FREE spreadsheet.

ROI Calculator - lost sales pipeline

See projections to your sales pipeline if you reduce your data decay.

What causes data decay

We study 100 of the fastest growing companies and learned some of the key events that impact your CRM data quality.


Bad Data impact to renewals

Protecting revenue is important, to do that you need to have the most accurate contact information for your customers to ensure that your renewals aren’t lost to poor data management. Learn more.

Reduce Data Decay

How to reduce your data decay.

Right Content for the buying phase

Having the right content for your buyer’s awareness level will help grow your responses and ascend your targets into your pipeline.

Emails to Re-engage old prospects

Get example reignition and re-engagement campaigns to contact successor (replacement) contacts and triggers with existing accounts.

101 Email Templates from Fast Growing Companies

Grab a FREE copy of 101 email templates from fast growing companies to approach a new contact, follow up and other scenarios.


Using CRM Refresh

Learn how to use CRM Refresh.

Bad Data impact to forecasting

See how bad contact data can skew forecasts in Total Addressable Market and Your Outreach Campaigns.

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