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For as long as I have been in sales we have heard that cold calling/emailing is dead. Gurus like to use this eye catching headline because most sales people dislike calling strangers to convince them to have a conversation with them. 
And while cold calling/emailing is not dead. There are some tactics that reps can take to make their prospecting more effective.
There are 3 selling tactics that have been proven to have a higher ROI. 

They are: 

  • Trigger Selling 

  • Insight Selling 

  • Referral Selling 

Insight Selling 

For the past 4-5 years B2B sales teams have been spending ever more money and time using insight tools. First it was simple lists of companies in NACIS codes, then it was Dunn Bradstreet data like revenue estimates and employee counts. Over the last 3-4 years the emergence of vendors who add technologies used are making “Insight” selling easier. 
Here are 30 other corporate and executive insights (Hubspot calls them triggers but most of these are public announcements and by our definition not considered a trigger.)
Example of Insight Selling Outreach via Brain Shark
[Buyer Name], we’re seeing some troubling trends in the market with [brief issue summary], which we see creating [the impacts].  Is this an issue you’re experiencing yet or looking ahead to avoiding at [Company Name]? 
This is surprising to some, but we have some data that shows [share insight].  Based on that and what we’ve learned from our experience with our clients, we’re now suggesting [solution].  We’ve had great success with this, and in fact, with [company name], we even [cite major outcome], which we’ve built a case study around.
How well this works depends on the strength of your insight and various other factors.  
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Referral Selling 

Linkedin is a great resource for referral selling. It enables us to see our customers and colleagues relationships and ask for introductions. Referral selling, also called Word of mouth, has proven to be as successful if not more successful than other method. 
Example of Referral Selling via BrainShark
[Referral Name] recommended that I reach out to you. He mentioned that you and he discussed [brief issue summary] and he thought I might be able to offer some insights.  With our clients, we’re seeing [a little more issue detail], which creates [list impacts].   How well does that summarize your situation at [company]?  
Based on [insight source], we’ve learned that [share insight], which surprises some people. The good news is that with clients in similar situations, we’ve been able to approach this differently with great results [share solution/outcome]. With [company name], for example, we [took this action] and helped them [achieve outcome] in just [timeframe].

Trigger Selling 

This is the new market with very few good tools to help seller and marketers. There are a two primary triggers: Events and Actions. An action trigger – is something your prospect has recently done. For example attended a webinar you hosted. An Event trigger is a prospect getting a job promotion. The new responsibility and budget authority is a key event to re-engage and discuss their goals for the new position. 
Example of a Trigeer Email 
[Contact] – Just wanted to congratulate you on your position with [New Company]. 
I enjoyed working with you at [Last Company]. If you see a fit for our [product/service] with your goals at [New Company] please don’t hesitate to contact me. 
BTW – we’ve announced new features that might [solve pain] faster for [New company] let me know if you would like to discuss. 
We have listed some sales tools for each of the above tactics. Insight and referral intel have the largest tools to use. Triggers have some of the least. This is one of the reasons why we built CRM Refresh to harness the power of contacts changing jobs and companies and all the sales opportunities they present.
Get the bonus content: Referral, Trigger and Insight Sales Tools List
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