Frustrated by Bad CRM Data?

Use CRM Refresh to automate the verification of your leads and contacts so you reach the right prospects and customers. 

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Your CRM data is validated daily and you get alerts on which contacts need your attention.  

Verify Email  

CRM Refresh verifies your leads and contacts email address is still valid and reachable. Sync with your sales outreach tools and marketing automation. 

Verify Title & Company

CRM Refresh verifies that your leads and/or contacts are still valid. Track key executives for movement and engage the right person faster. 

Verify Phone Number

CRM Refresh verifies your leads and contacts are valid by checking deep into phone system records. 

Keep Your CRM Fresh 

CRM Refresh automation  keeps your data fresh, making it more valuable to all your revenue operations: Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Billing and more. 

M.I.T. Proven Technology

CRM Refresh uses quality control technologies proven at M.I.T and N.Y. University - reducing errors and raising your overall  CRM quality. 

Save Your bills

CRM Refresh's verification can save you money by eliminating fees for bloated- old, bad records in your CRM, Marketing Automation, Sales Outreach and other tools. 

CRM Refresh benefits all departments who use your CRM!

New Account Sales - by contacting the wrong leads, wasting valuable selling time  

Customer Success - don’t flub another renewal because no-one contacted the new buyer at your existing accounts 

Marketing - Compromising your sender score, reducing your delivery rate




We automate the contact verification in your CRM so your data stays fresh and accurate.


Data quality is robbing your productivity, up to 35% of B2B contact data in your CRM will go bad this year. So both sides of your revenue are at risk. 

Would you trade $1 spent today for $100 for ignoring your data decay? 

For every dollar invested with cleaning up your data, data scientist value the long term impact at $100 per record.

And when your sale team isn't wasting their time contacting the wrong people, your pipeline will grow faster. 

Restoring trust in your CRM will improve all your teams activities. 

With full automation, fewer bad contacts are in your system, less wasted efforts, more accuracy in reporting and your CRM becomes a real asset.

And with well documented, easy integration, you can save the cost of building an in house solution and be left with zero ongoing maintenance. 

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Calculate how much bad data is costing you? 

Use our Free ROI tool to calculate how much bad data is costing you in: lost sales rep productivity, sales pipeline and what potential gains you can make by having fresher, more accurate data. 


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Can I use it on my own? Or do I need a company account?

Yes you can use CRM Refresh on your own or if you have team members associated with your account CRM Refresh will check records as well. 

CRM Refresh checks daily the contact data for your leads and contacts we check their email, title and company, phone records and more. For more information on how it works click here


How does your verification work? 



Does CRM Refresh work with Salesforce? 

Yes, CRM Refresh has a native integration with Salesforce that makes it seamless to get set up in under 10 minutes. 

Can I track key accounts vs leads? 


Yes, you can use CRM Refresh for leads, contacts or accounts in your CRM to track changes to key customers, prospects or businesses. 


Looking for custom data services?

Request a consultation with one of our founders or engineers to discuss your unique CRM data needs. 



CRMRefresh is a CRM App that automatically checks your leads and contacts daily. Our fixing service uses quality control technologies from MIT and NY University.


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It's 2018 why are you manually checking and fixing contact data? 


Verify lead contact data is fresh and accurate 

Track accounts for personnel changes

Get Alerts when contacts change 

Increase your deliverability 

Handsfree fixing of  inaccurate contact data 

See which contacts have bad data 

Visibility into what is actually going on with your CRM data


  • Wasted time contacting a former lead or contact 
  • Missed chance to foster a relationship with a successor at an existing account 
  • Bad campaign performance 
  • Manual time researching and validating leads and contacts 
  • Buying stale data from old school vendors  
  • Being in the dark on what is going on in your crm 

CRM Refresh is a proven set of automation tools to help you regain control of your CRM data quality by resolving bad and inaccurate data for leads and contacts. 

Without accurate reporting and timely notifications its nearly impossible to say what is good and what is bad. CRM Refresh has you covered, so you can sort the good from the bad and take action. 

All the tools you need to take control of data decay: 

  • Real time activity via dashboard 
  • Monthly reporting 
  • Alerts via email and SMS 
  • Instantly update records in your CRM 
  • Sync fixed data right into CRM and Marketing Automation 
  • Take Action by leads 
  • Track Contacts at Key Accounts

Set-up takes less than 10 minutes.

Short on time or resources?

 Automate everything and let CRM Refresh do the dirty work. 

Integrates with your tools.

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Fast setup. Zero maintenance

CRM Refresh 100% ROI Promise - in the first 90 days, if we don’t improve your CRM contact data by 10% than your fees will be refunded.